Mortgage Rates

Why mortgage charges fell regardless of inflation hitting a 13-year excessive and fixing pupil debt will take greater than mortgage forgiveness


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Almost half of LGB professionals experience discrimination in the workplace – and it’s even worse for people of color

Black LGB officials “experience the most severe discrimination based on their sexual orientation,” according to a new report. Continue reading

Used cars and housing costs drove inflation last month

The price of used cars rose 7.3% last month from April – a third of the 0.6% increase in total goods and services. Continue reading

Women don’t mind a gender pay gap if they benefit from it, a new study shows

For years women have earned less than men. However, research shows that women would have a similar attitude to men if roles were reversed. Continue reading

Mortgage rates fell last week despite inflation hitting a 13-year high. What’s happening?

“The fact that interest rate movements do not seem to be tied to specific dates or developments makes it difficult to determine their future path.” Continue reading

What is inflation Note: It’s not the 12% increase in rental car prices over the past month

“If you’re someone who regularly goes to the grocery store or even the gas pump and you notice these prices go up, it doesn’t always count as inflation. Continue reading

California’s soaring house prices increase the risk of further forest fires – and the consequences could be devastating

Last year California witnessed five of the six largest fires in the state’s history. History could repeat itself because of the dynamism in the housing market. Continue reading

The 2021 Mazda3 vs. 2021 Hyundai Elantra – which is better?

It is a car that is much fun to drive compared to one with a longer warranty and good fuel economy. See which is right for you in the competitive limousine class. Continue reading

It takes more than a loan waiver to solve the student debt problem

With a new generation of college students ready to borrow for college and generations of borrowers grappling with debt, experts are exploring possible solutions. Continue reading

I’m 59. My wife is 33. We have two year old twins. I’m paying my mother-in-law’s rent. It’s time I cut the cord

“My wife has two siblings. One has very little, the other no children and a nice business – but he never contributed to his mother’s expenses. ‘ Continue reading

“We will no doubt all be incredibly rusty and play terrible, but that’s not the most important thing: office sports teams are finally getting back together”

Will the bowling alley and softball field replace the office water dispenser? Continue reading