Jumbo Mortgages

Refi and jumbo loans assist enhance mortgage credit score availability


Kan also noted the rapid growth in the non-QM market share over the past few months. “Jumbo loan availability increased 9% to its highest level since March 2020 as more non-QM jumbo and agency-eligible high-balance loan programs became available,” he said.

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The Jumbo MCAI rose 9.4% in August, along with the conforming index, which rose 5.1% – both of which are indices of the conventional MCAI, which rose 7.6%. Meanwhile, the government’s MCAI rose just 1.1% for the month.

“In the related area, more lenders were offering GSE refinance programs targeting lower-income borrowers to lower their interest rates and payments,” Kan said. “There was also a slight expansion in government loans as more investors offered optimized refinancing options for FHA and VA loans.”