FHA Mortgages

FHA Mortgage Minimal Credit score Scores: Suggestions That Can Assist You


Worried that your FICO score is not high enough to meet the minimum credit scores for the lowest possible down payment on an FHA home loan?

On paper, FHA loan minimums for credit scores start at 580 or better in order to qualify for the lowest down payment.

Your participating lender may require a higher score, but in general, FICO score requirements for FHA home loans can be more competitive than some traditional equivalents.

There is some good credit advice that you should take prior to getting your home loan – it starts with getting your credit reports to see what is in it, then checking and monitoring your creditworthiness frequently.

Asking to check your credit report is obvious advice. You can find that in almost every credit repair article.

But what is not discussed so often? What your credit reporting and monitoring services can tell you about identity theft on your behalf, if applicable. Who else could use your personal data? Has this use hurt your credit rating yet ?!

It’s no surprise that some tooth theft problems don’t show up on your credit report right away.

Some credit bureaus now offer a so-called “dark web scan” to see if your private information is circulating on the Internet in places where thieves and hackers pay money to obtain such data.

Your data may not be used yet, but if it has been compromised it will soon be able to be used without your consent.

Consider such a potential early warning and how it might help limit the damage – something that can help when you are ready to apply for a mortgage loan.

If you’ve already taken steps to stop or challenge fraudulent activity on your behalf that could end up on your credit report, you may be ahead.

There are other ways to process your loan prior to your home loan. Some banks now offer checking and / or savings account monitoring and other online tools to help you keep track of your finances.

Some consumers don’t know how much they REALLY spend on everyday “vices” like coffee, fast food, even online movies and television.

An expense tracker can identify problem areas that may be related to your credit card usage habits.

And then there’s a credit monitoring service – something that will help you keep track of and monitor your credit reports. Subscribers can use these services to set up notifications and stay up to date with the latest activity and information in your credit file.