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Did you know you don’t have to own the property your new RV is on to be approved for an FHA home loan? FHA RV and Prefab Mortgage Loans allow you to purchase a RV, modular home, or prefabricated home that will serve as your primary residence and will be permanently associated with an approved foundation.

There are more than one type of RV loan that you can get from a participating FHA lender that offers them. You can apply for an FHA mortgage to buy the RV alone, or you can apply for land purchase in conjunction with the RV purchase.

Your lender may even allow you to apply for a home loan to purchase the land you want to pitch your RV on without having to apply for a home purchase loan – a great option for those who already own or own a RV plan to pay for one in cash.

The FHA loan rules state that your RV loan will usually (but not always) include a retailer selling you the home. If you are buying from a dealer or private seller, the mobile home must meet Model Manufactured Home installation standards and be on an approved permanent foundation.

When buying a motor home with an FHA mortgage, there are some protections for the borrower – you’ll need to sign what is called a “HUD Placement Certificate,” agreeing that the home has been installed and set up to your satisfaction before your lender releases the Credit funds to the seller.

You cannot be charged a loan early repayment penalty and your home must have a manufacturer’s warranty if it is new, according to the HUD official website.

Who is Eligible for an FHA RV loan? HUD.gov says the usual financial standards apply to FHA loans:

  • The applicant must have “sufficient funds to make the required minimum deposit”.
  • The borrower must have “sufficient income to make payments on the loan” and meet other financial obligations;
  • The borrower must use the apartment as their main residence;
  • The borrower must “have a suitable location on which to place the manufactured house. The house can be placed on a rental lot in a prefabricated house park, provided the parking and lease agreement complies with FHA guidelines. ”The house can also be“ on a single residential location owned or rented by the borrower ”.
  • The motorhome must not remain untied on a solid foundation.

Not all FHA lenders offer FHA mobile home loans or prefabricated house loans. Ask your participating lender if this financial institution offers home rental loans. You may need to look for a lender who can work with your individual circumstances.

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