FHA Mortgages

Do You Want An FHA Mortgage Calculator?


The short answer is “YES”, you need an FHA loan calculator. But which one to use?

There are several types of home loan calculators – they all have important functions. But many seeking FHA loans don’t have to use all or even most of them. You may just need a little extra information for planning and storage purposes.

The FHA loan calculator

The FHA Home Loan Calculator uses the numbers you provide about your income, term insurance, mortgage insurance, property taxes, the length of your loan, and other information to help you estimate the monthly payments you could make (principal and interest rate combined) and the maximum loan amount you can qualify for on a 15 or 30 year loan (estimates only, no guarantee).

Enter all of the information into the calculator, including (but not limited to) your monthly payments, monthly income and expenses, and remember to keep them MONTHLY – do not use the amount of your annual expenses and income as this will lead to inaccurate results leads.

Also, don’t forget that you either need to pay the UpFront mortgage insurance premium on an FHA mortgage or include it in the loan amount, which can affect your monthly mortgage payments as well.

Remember to consider a down payment when doing these FHA mortgage calculations. The amount you have deposited reduces the total loan amount. If you cannot estimate your down payment at the moment, plan to allow the minimum required down payment depending on the type of loan you want – at least for the operation of the computer.

The Question “How Much Can I Borrow?” The calculator can help you estimate the amount of your monthly mortgage payment – you should know this information before planning your budget and credit. Remember, you save not only on your down payment, but also on closing costs and other fees.

Rent versus buy

Want to estimate how much you could save by owning a home instead of renting out someone else’s property?

The rent versus buying home loan calculator is a good tool, but it does take some preparation time – you will need information including the amount of tenant insurance you have taken out, as well as the amount of any proposed home insurance and a realistic forecast to buy. Price.

Refinancing Calculator

How early is too early to think about refinancing your home loan? That depends on variables like your goals and financial needs. Knowing that you won’t be staying home very long is never too early to start planning your refinance loan – much like the idea of ​​wanting to start working on your credit score as early as possible. The more time you give yourself, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to get involved.

A refinancing calculator can already tell you in the planning phase whether it makes sense to submit an application or whether you should look for alternatives. But how?

It does this by helping you think about the cost of your refinance loan both upfront and over the life of the mortgage. Is it your goal to save money over the life of the current loan? Or over the term of your refinancing loan? You need to carry out these numbers in order to make the best refi loan decision.

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