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Commissioners Be a part of Coalition to Enchantment HUD Components for FHA Loans in St. Mary’s


Hughesville, MD (July 14, 2021) – Earlier this week, St. Mary’s County Commissioners unanimously voted to sign a coalition letter with the St. Mary’s County State Delegation, St. Mary’s NAACP, and the Southern Maryland Association of Realtors® calling on the Maryland Congressional Delegation , against the current FHA loan limits for the county.

“Simply put, it’s a question of fairness. We keep seeing homeowners looking to Charles or Calvert Counties using the federally sponsored FHA loan because they can get up to $ 500,000 more. It is not fair to either the county or our people to lose the American Dream to an outdated formula. ”Delegate Matt Morgan, county state delegation chair and Practicing Member of Realtor® and SMAR. In over 180 days in 2021, 581 FHA loans were granted for Charles County, compared with 124 in St. Mary’s County.

In the predominantly minority community of Lexington Park, the USDA loan program is unavailable, leaving many with no option for low down payment mortgage programs and continuing to stifle minority home ownership. The current FHA limit in St. Mary’s County directly reflects stagnating minority home ownership rates.

We pride ourselves on working together as the collective voice of the community and firmly believe that we provide fair housing to all of our communities and that increasing FHA loan limits will level the playing field with our neighboring countries.

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