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Is mortgage payable debit or credit?

Balance sheet is an accounting tool that records assets and liabilities. ... In this case, the house is an asset, but the debt (i.e. the debt obtained to buy the house) is a debt. The net is the value of the asset to determine how much it

How can I get mortgage payable?

Is mortgage loan an asset in accounting? A home loan is the property of the lender. Housing loan payments are a form of receivable that a lender expects to receive payment. These receivables are secured by the assets on which the

What is a mortgage payable?

Simple interest is calculated by multiplying the daily interest rate by the principal, by the number of days between payments. What is example of mortgage payable? A payday mortgage is a type of long-term debt that the company (or

How much do mortgage brokers get paid?

Is being a mortgage broker a hard job? There are no immediate and urgent requirements for becoming a mortgage broker, but you will need some form of training. Many brokers are former loan officers who have decided to stop working on

Should I pay a broker fee?

How do I get around a broker fee? Here are three ways to avoid paying unnecessary fees. Use sites with free listings. You can search for free apartments on sites like RentHop, Loftey, Transparentcity, CityRealty, Naked Apartments,

Do you need to use a mortgage broker?

Are mortgage brokers free? Free mortgage brokers will not charge you a fee in advance. Instead, they will receive a commission from the lender. Some brokers advertise tips for free; however, this only applies to the fact that their

Do mortgage brokers charge a fee?

How do you explain a large deposit? Learning about Large Deposits cases, the limit is for any deposit equal to or more than 25% of your monthly income. In other words, if you make $ 4,000 a month, saving $ 1,000 is considered a big